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Dear Friend,

When Evelyn and I decided to run for mayor six and a half months ago, it was for the simplest of reasons: our city was in crisis and we believed that we could help. We are public school parents who were deeply invested in the well-being of New York and all the families that call it home.

It has been the most incredible experience running to be mayor of New York City. We’ve made history in so many ways. We had more individual donors than any other campaign in the history of New York City politics. This is a people-powered campaign that wanted to change the way that politics in New York City operates. And so many people got behind us because they thought that politics as usual was not working.

Among the things that this campaign broke ground on: we made cash relief a debate topic right here in New York City just as it was on a national scale when I ran for President. We talked about anti-Asian hate that has wrecked our city and brought that to the forefront of the national media because of what was happening here in New York. We talked about opening our schools so that they worked for our kids and families in a way that, I believe, has actually guided policy right here right now.

But you all know I am a numbers guy, and I am not going to be the next mayor of New York City based upon the numbers. We are not sure ultimately who the next mayor is going to be. But whoever that person is, I will be very happy to work with them to help improve the lives of the 8.3 million people who live in our great city. And I encourage every New Yorker to do the same.

This has been an incredible journey, but I know that the journey is still just beginning. Evelyn and I will find a way to serve, a way to contribute, in public life here in New York City and beyond. I am so grateful to everyone who has given us the chance to make this campaign as impactful as it’s been and something that I’ve been so proud to have led over the last couple of months.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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