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May 3rd, 2021

Yang Pledges to Complete Water Tunnel for Brooklyn and Queens After Years of Neglect

**RELEASE** May 3rd, 2021

New York, NYToday, Andrew Yang visited Maspeth, Queens to share his plans for the completion of an essential water tunnel to deliver clean water to Queens and Brooklyn after years of delay and inaction.

Key Takeaways

  1. COVID exposed what happens when we let our aging systems become fragile, when we let problems pile up on top of each other. It also made plain that the most vulnerable New Yorkers are most impacted when the city falls behind on essential projects.
  2. The water tunnel project is eight years behind schedule. If the current water delivery system failed, Brooklyn and Queens could lose water for up to three months. The crisis in Flint, MI showed the entire country how not maintaining water infrastructure can have dire consequences.
  3. After years of inaction, only an independent mayor who isn't a product of the status quo can get this done. A Yang administration will hold itself accountable by establishing a public dashboard for major projects so that the public can see which projects are getting done – and which ones aren't. 
  4. The water tunnel is just the latest example of Andrew's focus on building towards the next great era of New York. He has previously supported a geothermal power plant in Long Island City, a community solar project in the Rockaways, and a battery storage facility in Brooklyn.

The video of his announcement is here and the policy is here.

Andrew Yang Speaking at Maspeth, Queens


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