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May 11th, 2021

State Senator and Cash Relief Advocate Jeremy Cooney Endorses Andrew Yang for NYC Mayor

**RELEASE** May 11th, 2021

New York, NYToday, New York State Senator and anti-poverty advocate Jeremy Cooney, the first Asian elected to state office from upstate New York, endorsed Andrew Yang’s candidacy for Mayor of New York City. Said Senator Cooney, “Andrew is an innovator and a leader for how we can address poverty through a basic income. My bill in the State Senate, which would pilot a basic income program in the district I serve, is the first of its kind in Upstate and a reflection of what Andrew hopes to implement as Mayor for the people of New York City. When Andrew endorsed my successful Senate campaign, I knew I had a future policy partner and our families have since become close friends. I am now proud to endorse Andrew to become New York City’s first Asian American Mayor. Andrew and I share an appreciation for diversity in leadership and we know that representation matters, particularly in our elected officials. As the first Asian to be elected to state office in Upstate, I am proud to endorse Andrew and continue making history in New York.”

Said Andrew Yang, “Senator Cooney and I first connected over our shared belief in the power of cash relief to lift millions out of poverty across the country. That’s what drew me to endorse his candidacy for the State Senate and why I am so proud to receive his endorsement for mayor of New York City. As guaranteed income pilots take shape from Stockton to Newark, New York should be leading the charge to give people money.  When I’m mayor, we will launch the largest basic income program in the history of the country to lift hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers out of extreme poverty by putting cash into their hands. I’m thrilled to count Senator Cooney not just as a partner in this vision, but as a friend who is committed to the same hard work of eliminating poverty.”

Andrew Yang also backed S. 6361, introduced by Senator Cooney, which would establish a universal basic income pilot program in Monroe County. The program would include 1000 participants chosen randomly from applicants residing in the county, providing $500 additional income per month for the duration of the program. The bill would also require detailed findings of the additional income on the health, stress levels, and mental health of participants, and determinations of how the income alleviated poverty in participating households. The Monroe County UBI pilot program would follow a successful pilot program inaugurated in Stockton, California, under Mayor Michael Tubbs. A study of the Stockton program found that it measurably improved participants' job prospects, financial stability and overall well-being.


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