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April 7th, 2021

New Era Democrats Pick Andrew Yang to Lead New York Into a New Era

**RELEASE** April 7th, 2021

New York, NYToday, the New Era Democrats (NED), a citywide political organization based in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, endorsed Andrew Yang for Mayor of New York City.

Founded in 1982, NED is an independent political association that strives to promote integrity, efficiency and effectiveness in government, while fostering mutual respect and cooperation between all racial, ethnic and religious groups so that everyone is engaged in the New York City political process. NED’s primary goal is to develop and promote candidates who are honest and capable of unifying and leading the City through crisis. NED was founded by the late Mary Sansone, the so-called political godmother of NYC politics.

Said Andrew Yang, “As mayor, bringing people together to find solutions for the problems facing our City will be my number one goal. For decades, not only have the New Era Democrats been a staple of the New York City political landscape but they have also done an outstanding job bringing people together to participate in our political process and give a powerful voice to all communities across the City. I am proud to have the support of the New Era Democrats as we work towards the common aim of rebuilding our City.” Said John Orlando, President of the New Era Democrats, “What impressed me most about our meeting with Andrew Yang was that when we asked him questions, he didn't just think of an answer – he offered real solutions. For too long, our elected officials have been operating as a government of the politician, for the politician, and by the politician. It is about time our City returns to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people instead. Andrew Yang will lead that transformation, offering concrete solutions to everyday problems faced by business owners, families, and all New Yorkers.” Said Matt Daus, New Era Democrats Chairman, “Andrew is the right person, at the right time, to set NYC on a path to economic recovery for every New Yorker.  A perfect fit for the New Era Democrats’ mission, Andrew’s independence from special interests and politics as usual, coupled with his intelligence, responsiveness and openness to new ideas, is both refreshing and essential for the City right now. NED has been successful in endorsing the winning candidate for NYC Mayor for the last 28 years – and I am confident we have again picked a winner who will promote good government and restore our metropolis to even greater heights of success, innovation and greatness.”


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