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May 25th, 2021

Introducing Evelyn Yang

**RELEASE** May 25th, 2021

Politics as Usual Won’t Fix Gun Violence, Hate Crimes, or Homelessness

New York, NY Today, the Yang campaign released a new ad for television and digital – “Evelyn” featuring Evelyn Yang, the wife of mayoral candidate Andrew Yang, who discusses Andrew Yang’s focus on public safety.

New York’s recovery can only take off if the City is safe. Crime impedes people from commuting to work, kids from playing in the park, tourists from visiting our restaurants or taking in a Broadway show. In the ad, Evelyn highlights that “the City only works if it's safe” and that only “a new type of mayor” can stem the rising gun violence epidemic and surge in anti-AAPI hate crimes.

Andrew and Evelyn

The release of “Evelyn” comes after Evelyn Yang’s powerful press conference decrying the growing prominence of anti-Asian tropes in the NYC mayoral race, including a racist cartoon in the New York Daily News.

The script of the ad, voiced by Evelyn, is as follows:  Our city only works if it's safe. From hate crimes and shootings. For our kids and parents. But politics as usual has failed us. We need a new kind of mayor. My husband, Andrew Yang, will treat gun violence as a public health crisis. Cut street homelessness by at least half. And expand opportunities for young people. This city has given us everything we have. Our kids were born here. They go to school here. And I know Andrew will fight for you like he fights for us.


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