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May 5th, 2021

City Councilman Kalman Yeger & State Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein Unite Borough Park to Endorse Andrew Yang for Mayor of NYC

**RELEASE** May 5th, 2021

New York, NYToday, New York City Council Member Kalman Yeger and New York State Assembly Member Simcha Eichenstein announced their endorsement of Andrew Yang for mayor of New York City.

The endorsements come just days after Andrew Yang earned the coveted support of an unprecedented alliance of leading Borough Park Jewish groups including Bobov, Belz, and Satmar leaders.  Said Council Member Kalman Yeger, "Andrew Yang will recover and repair our city, and inspire New Yorkers to greatness.  His plans for an economic renaissance will revitalize New York’s economic engine and bring our city back.  Andrew gives us reason to believe we have a future in New York.  Like so many in our community, I’m proud to support Andrew because I believe he will lift our city up, and make every New Yorker feel like a true partner in the promise of New York." Said Assembly Member Simcha Eichenstein, "Our city has been through a difficult year. We need a leader with a fresh perspective to put us back on track. Andrew Yang is a unique candidate for a unique time. He has the skills needed to tackle the issues and the crises of today. I believe New York City’s greatest days are still ahead, and Andrew Yang has the vision and the energy to turn this city around." Said Andrew Yang, “The vibrancy, hope and joy I feel on the streets in Borough Park is a palpable reminder of what makes New York so great, and why no one should doubt that our city is going to come back stronger than ever. I’m honored to receive this endorsement from Kalman and Simcha — two incredible leaders, not just to their Borough Park constituents, but for all New Yorkers. Together, with the Satmar, Bobov and Belz leaders who endorsed our campaign last week, we now have an unprecedented coalition of support from New York’s Jewish community that is going to be the bedrock of our campaign to move New York forward and out of this crisis.”

Andrew Yang with Simcha Eichenstein and Kalman Yeger
Simcha Eichenstein endorsing Andrew Yang
Kalman Yeger endorsing Andrew Yang


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