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February 4th, 2021

Andrew Yang Releases Statement on Rising Subway Crime

**RELEASE** February 4th, 2021

New York, NYToday, Andrew Yang, Democratic Candidate for Mayor of New York City, released the following statement:

“Reports in the last few days of yet another person shoved onto the subway tracks while waiting for a train is part of a troubling rise in transit crimes that may pose a real impediment to New York’s ability to have a robust recovery from the devastation of COVID-19. New York City only works if its subways work, and our subways don’t work when they’re not safe.

“Right now, subway ridership is about 30% of what it was pre-pandemic and our mass transit system has been increasingly the target and scene of violent and property crimes. With white-collar workers able to work from home or afford a car to commute, essential workers -- often underpaid and still required to physically go to work -- are disproportionately paying the price. Even transit workers have faced increased violence.

“That’s why I am calling on the MTA and NYPD to temporarily assign additional police officers to patrol subway stations. Before the pandemic, the MTA Board approved adding 500 police officers to the City’s system. While the MTA continues to maintain this plan during a period of severe fiscal strain, we need to respond to current conditions and control the rise in crime.

“We also have to recognize that high ridership is perhaps our greatest crime deterrent. That’s why we need to accelerate inoculations to all communities, and get New York back up and running. More riders and straphangers are vital to the safety and reliability of the subway.

“The City’s comeback won’t happen by itself. The status quo has led to questionable decisions over the past year and we need to chart a new path and confront the hard truths now facing our City.”


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