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February 22nd, 2021

Andrew Yang Launches NYC Recovery Week With Five Borough Local Business Tour

**RELEASE** February 22nd, 2021

New York, NYToday, February 22nd, Andrew Yang, Democratic candidate for mayor of NYC, will kick off a five borough tour of local businesses for the campaign’s New York City Recovery Week, starting with two beloved Black-owned businesses in Brooklyn.

Throughout the week, Andrew will be meeting with small business owners across all five boroughs to hear directly what they need and how the City can best include small businesses in a robust and equitable recovery. He will be engaging in a thoughtful, two-way dialogue about his ideas to help revitalize these businesses, ranging from bars and restaurants, to gyms and retail stores.

Alongside the five borough tour, Andrew Yang has rolled out a new website, “Big Ideas for the Big Apple,” to solicit creative policy proposals from everyday New Yorkers to be incorporated into Andrew’s New York Recovery plan. The portal will be open from Monday, February 22nd, until Friday, February 26th, and those who submit the top ideas — identified by campaign staff — will have the opportunity to pitch Andrew on their ideas directly over Zoom on March 1st.

Said Andrew Yang, “We need to get New Yorkers their jobs back, throw our small business owners the lifelines they have been pleading for, and build our economy back better and fairer than it was before. That means going beyond tried-and-tired solutions to our problems. We need to unleash the collective knowledge and creativity of New Yorkers to address the daunting challenges that we face. I’m eager to be meeting with small business owners and employees across all five boroughs to hear what they need to survive the pandemic and thrive during the recovery. This is merely the beginning of what will be an ongoing, two-way dialogue between me and the small business community when I’m mayor.”

Yang will begin Recovery Week in Brooklyn on Monday afternoon with Council candidate Edwin Raymond, followed by meetings with the owners of Dean Crossfit and The Crabby Shack, two Black-owned businesses in Prospect Heights and Crown Heights, respectively.


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