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May 17th, 2021

Andrew Yang Expands Next Generation AAPI Coalition with Endorsements from Council Candidates Sandra Ung and Richard Lee

**RELEASE** May 17th, 2021

New York, NY Today, New York City Council candidates Richard Lee and Sandra Ung endorsed Andrew Yang for Mayor of New York City.

Said Council candidate Sandra Ung, “I am honored and proud to be endorsed by Andrew Yang in my race for City Council, and to endorse Andrew for mayor. Andrew and I are both from Asian immigrant families and both graduated from Columbia Law School. Evelyn, like me, went to public schools right here in Flushing. Andrew has repeatedly come to Flushing and worked to earn the support of our community. He has paid attention to our needs and placed them at the center of his campaign. I look forward to working with Andrew to place bold and innovative solutions to our most pressing problems at the center of city government.”

Said Council candidate Richard Lee, “Seeing Andrew on stage during the presidential debate was a powerful moment for me as an Asian American as we so rarely see other members of our AAPI community in positions of power and leadership. It was clear to me then that Andrew was running for office to truly help people – this has only become more evident as we've gotten to know each other over the past few months. The pandemic has brought to light many long standing issues that were hidden under the auspices of a good economy, and we need leaders who are both people-oriented and forward-thinking to rebuild New York. I too entered public service in order to make government more accessible to people, and to work on issues that will better the lives of our residents, especially out here in District 19 where we are so often left behind. I look forward to working with Andrew to get the residents of Northeast Queens the resources we need to ensure we move forward together.”

Said Andrew Yang, “It is an honor to receive the endorsements of two rising AAPI leaders as we continue to build our next generation coalition of Asian American representation here in NYC. As hate crimes continue to devastate our neighborhoods, and as we work to rebuild our communities in the wake of the pandemic, increasing AAPI representation in government is going to be critical to ensuring a fair recovery, and I am determined to do everything in my power as Mayor to put AAPI New Yorkers front and center in our recovery plans. I am confident that Sandra and Richard will be incredible additions to the City Council, and I am proud to endorse their campaigns, and grateful for their support of mine.”

Andrew Yang with Sandra Ung and Richard Lee

Richard Lee is a product of the New York City public school system and a Queens native. He started his public service career as an organizer with a community based organization fighting for tenant protections, affordable housing, small business support, senior services, immigration reform, and funding equity for our neighborhoods. He has continued his advocacy for his community as the Budget Director for the Office of the Queens Borough President. Born in Cambodia and raised in Taiwan, Sandra Ung immigrated to New York City with her parents when she was just 7 years old and has resided in Flushing since she was 10. Ung attended New York City public schools, including P.S. 22, J.H.S. 189, Flushing High School, and Hunter College.

Throughout her career, whether working in her role as Special Assistant to the NYS Commissioner on Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation; a Legislative Assistant to former New York City Comptrollers Bill Thompson and John Liu; the Chief of Staff to former New York State Assemblyman Jimmy Meng; a staff attorney to Sanctuary for Families (a not-for-profit organization that assists those impacted by domestic violence), or as the Special Assistant to Congresswoman Grace Meng (D-Queens), Ung has advocated on issues that impact women, survivors of domestic violence, our youth, and the environment.


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