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April 27th, 2021

89 Reasons to Never Leave Andrew Yang’s NYC After NY Fell 89 People Short to Save a Congressional Seat

**RELEASE** April 27th, 2021

New York, NYNew York State lost another House seat because we fell 89 people short on the latest census.

But our problems are far deeper than 89 missed census forms. Political leadership did too little — for too long — to make New York affordable and livable. To make social mobility accessible.

But hope is on the way. So whether you are a New Yorker today, or thinking of becoming a New Yorker tomorrow, there are at least 89 reasons life in the City is about to change for the better.

Andrew has the independence and bold plans to upend the status quo and turn ideas into action. Here are 89 reasons to never leave New York under a future Mayor Yang:

  1. Cash relief for 500,000 New Yorkers
  2. Re-open our schools full-time for every grade 5 days a week
  3. Bring back the 600,000+ jobs lost through the pandemic
  4. Invest in shovel ready, shovel worthy projects across all five boroughs economy, including a geothermal power plant in NYC
  5. Convert underutilized hotels to create 25,000 new affordable units of housing
  6. Grow the New York Immigrant Family Unity Project so all immigrants and especially unaccompanied minors have legal representation in immigration court.
  7. Create a People’s Bank of New York City to provide essential banking services to individuals overlooked by existing banking institutions
  8. Provide microloans to small businesses, especially to entrepreneurs of color
  9. Universal broadband access
  10. Reduce street homelessness by half
  11. Building the most affordable housing since the Koch era
  12. A more equitable property tax system
  13. A civilian police commissioner
  14. A CCRB that is full-time and paid so they can focus on reform and justice
  15. Investing in new technologies: wind, solar, battery storage that will green our city and create jobs
  16. A green NYCHA backed by a $48B federal investment
  17. An MTA that is run by the city so subways and buses run on time
  18. A 5 borough interconnected bike network
  19. A Year round youth employment program so that young people have job opportunities at the best places to work in New York City
  20. Dramatically scaled up SYEP to reach 175,000 youth over four years
  21. Mobilize 10,000 Americorps tutors to provide high-dosage tutoring for 100,000 students
  22. A fully funded 3k for all, including for students with disabilities
  23. Create bridge programming for students who need it
  24. Create a diverse NYC teacher workforce that looks like the students they teach
  25. Expand bus rapid transit across all 5 boroughs with more reliable routes and service
  26. Save at least 15,000 small businesses in 2022
  27. Create a CURE taskforce to proactively help businesses cure violations rather than receive fines
  28. Automatic permit and licensing renewals for the first year of the new administration
  29. The largest marketing campaign in NYC history to bring back tourists
  30. A portable benefits fund for gig and independent workers
  31. A new freelancers hub in every borough
  32. An end to placard abuse
  33. Clean streets where garbage gets picked up when it’s supposed to
  34. Building the next generation of green space and parks
  35. $4 billion invested in deeply affordable housing
  36. A plan for those affected by COVID-19 and suffering from long hauler symptoms
  37. Bring healthy and affordable food options to food deserts
  38. Make it easier for New Yorkers to participate in SNAP and WIC
  39. Remove regulatory barriers to urban agriculture
  40. Caps on food delivery services so delivery workers earn their fair share
  41. Local business spending vouchers to stimulate small businesses
  42. CityFHEPS housing vouchers on par with section 8 vouchers so more families can move out of shelter and into permanent housing
  43. Improved shelter conditions by expanding municipal broadband, starting with city shelters and requiring DHS case workers and service providers have the training they need to support people with mental and emotional needs
  44. Grow the capacity of Family Justice Centers across the five boroughs so survivors of domestic violence have resources and support
  45. Direct the NYC Commission on Human Rights to enforce upon discriminatory landlords and expand the right to counsel citywide
  46. Treat opioid addiction like a public health crisis
  47. Reform bank remittances to save money when sending money
  48. Permanent Open Streets
  49. Permanent outdoor dining
  50. Permanent to-go cocktails
  51. Make ending racial health disparities the mandate of DOHMH
  52. Ensure fair staffing ratios in hospitals 
  53. Expand neighborhood action centers to neighborhoods with the greatest health disparities
  54. Focus on improving black maternal mortality and morbidity by expanding doula care
  55. Create a 21st century mental health rapid response service
  56. More arts in schools
  57. More arts in parks
  58. Expanded composting
  59. Support a diverse and bustling arts sector by making housing affordable to artists, creatives and young people. 
  60. Host the biggest post-COVID celebration in the world
  61. A one-stop-shop app for all city services
  62. Turn 100 concrete schoolyards into lush playgrounds
  63. More equitable pedestrian plazas
  64. Expand access to sports facilities
  65. More dog friendly spaces
  66. Work with NYCHA to reimagine outdoor space
  67. Bring the first self-filtering, floating swimming pool to our shores
  68. Expand fair fares to CUNY students and others
  69. Fully electrify the city’s vehicle fleet by 2035 — 5 years before currently schedules
  70. Create a Deputy Mayor of Entertainment, Nightlife and Culture
  71. Implement an “agent of change” principle in city planning
  72. A new QueensWay
  73. Fund public arts projects and capitalize on the value artists can bring to solving city challenges
  74. Expand IDNYC to serve as a gateway to services
  75. Return to average of 20k trees planted per year
  76. Make language access a priority for city agencies
  77. Implement a wasted land assessment so that landowners of blighted land pay their fair share
  78. Overhaul small business permitting
  79. Offer short-term leases for pop up businesses in vacant storefronts
  80. Loans and grants for women, people of color, and immigrant-owned businesses
  81. Explore commercial rent control, especially in Manhattan
  82. Congestion pricing 
  83. Superblocks for family and friends to gather
  84. Proactive public education program in multiple languages on how to access vaccines 
  85. Streamlined and easy-to-navigate vaccine appointment system, including for future boosters
  86. Comprehensive mental health services in every school 
  87. Reduce class sizes by adding teachers and related service providers to classrooms that need it
  88. More social workers and school counselors in city schools with large homeless and underserved populations
  89. A Mayor who’s independent from the political machine and whose only mission will be to do right by the people of New York


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