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Mass transit in New York City is the lifeblood of our economy. A recent study found cuts to the city’s transportation network could cause 450,000 lost jobs in the region within two years.

The Yang administration will build and maintain a reliable and comprehensive transit network both above and below ground. As he has done for the past 25 years, Andrew will regularly ride the subway, bus and ride his bike as Mayor. We should expect a mayor to understand how most New Yorkers get around the city.

A top priority will include building Bus Rapid Transit throughout the City. Every New Yorker in every neighborhood should expect affordable and fast transit. The 14th Street Busway is a great example of what we can accomplish. And within ten years, we will electrify our entire bus fleet.

In addition, for the Yang administration to improve and integrate our subways, buses and bike infrastructure, the City must be able to take municipal control of its own transit network and not rely on the state-run MTA to get it right.

The Yang administration will also expand the Fair Fares program so that CUNY students and others can afford to get around. No one should be turned away from public transportation.


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