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It’s crucial that we trust our leaders. My goal is to be the most open and transparent mayor in the history of New York City.

Our City is facing a long-term recovery effort from the pandemic. There are going to be many difficult decisions ahead. In that environment, trust in our leaders is crucial. That’s why the Yang administration is going to establish policies that ensure transparency, accessibility, and the highest level of ethical behavior.

Creating such a transparent administration starts from the top, increasing the accessibility of leaders and information from the Mayor’s Office itself. A Yang administration will be accountable to both journalists and the people, providing access through additional offices in all boroughs where senior-level officials will work from. It will also commit to reforming the FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) process so that it doesn’t take years for information to be released.

The Yang administration will use a data-driven approach - and share that data - to promote the most effective means of achieving priorities even as we face an ongoing economic crisis.

The Yang administration will also support election reform, such as the implementation of Ranked-Choice Voting, to make elected officials more accountable to their constituents.

All of these reforms are meant to increase the responsiveness of the Yang administration to the people of New York City, not shying away from accountability but accepting it and explaining decisions as clearly as possible. By acting in an open and transparent manner, the Yang administration hopes to rebuild trust between the people and the Mayor’s office as we work to get through this crisis together.


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