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A Sanctuary City

New York City is home to 3.1 million immigrants who make up approximately 37% of the city’s population and 45% of our workforce. Now more than ever, we must continue to ensure that all New Yorkers feel safe and welcome in our City - whether they arrived in New York yesterday or if they have been here most of their lives. New York will always be a sanctuary city for all people who see the five boroughs as their home.

In the last several years, we have taken important steps to keep immigrants safe - we made sure ICE was off of Rikers and had no right to enter City buildings like schools. New York expanded legal representation for undocumented folks when they needed it most. We ran an enormous effort to get all New Yorkers to complete the US Census, deterring fears imposed by the Trump administration.

Cash Relief

All New Yorkers are eligible for our cash relief program regardless of immigration status, experience with the criminal justice system, or other life circumstance that cuts everyday people out of basic social services. This basic income will be available to all New Yorkers, especially those who have been left behind by other protections.

Read more about cash relief here.

Expand Legal Protections

New York City runs the largest immigration defense program in the country, the New York Immigrant Family Unity Project, providing legal representation to people who are in immigration proceedings free of charge. The data is clear - 48% of people with a lawyer who have to come before a judge in immigration court are successful in their cases, therefore keeping more families together. A Yang administration will baseline and grow this program to reach even more New Yorkers seeking services.

Banking Everywhere

A Yang administration will require all banks to accept IDNYC to open up a bank account. If banks do not accept IDNYC, the City will not bank with them.

Expanding NYC Care

In 2020, New York City launched NYC Care, providing healthcare coverage to people who are currently uninsured - namely undocumented immigrants - at Health + Hospitals. A Yang administration will make NYC Care coverage accepted at other providers across New York City, similar to coverage for other health insurance programs.

Read more about Public Health here

Language Access

All City agencies are required to update their language access plans. But many immigrant communities who speak languages other than English find it very difficult to get services in their preferred language. A Yang administration will ensure that all City agencies and contracted providers make language access a top priority with a real-time translator provided by the NYC App to serve New Yorkers seeking services in the language that is most comfortable for them.


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