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Our way of life has been devastated by the pandemic. Accelerating our city’s recovery is critical. New York City has to be the fastest city to come back safely.

We need to have the right leadership and a comprehensive plan to get our City back on its feet.

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Cash Relief ∙ Economy

A Basic Income for New York City

Economy ∙ Education

Broadband Access


Reopening Stronger Schools

Cash Relief ∙ COVID Recovery ∙ Economy

Bringing Back New York’s Economy

COVID Recovery ∙ Economy

Culture, Society, and Nightlife

COVID Recovery ∙ Economy

Relief for Our Small Businesses

COVID Recovery ∙ Public Health

Effective, Equitable Vaccine Distribution

Public Health ∙ COVID Recovery ∙ Racial Equity

Recovering from the Mental Health Impacts of COVID-19

Racial Equity ∙ COVID Recovery ∙ Public Health

Racial Equity in Healthcare Delivery


Green Reinvestment in NYCHA


Expanding Resident Democracy at NYCHA


A People’s Bank of New York


A Strong Recovery for NYC Restaurants, Bars and Eating Establishments

Jobs ∙ Education

The Big Apple Corps: Closing the COVID-19 Achievement Gap and Boosting Our City’s Workforce

Transportation ∙ Economy

A Vision for More Robust Mobility on Staten Island

COVID Recovery ∙ Economy ∙ Jobs

Support for NYC’s Nightlife and Cultural Sector

COVID Recovery ∙ Economy ∙ Jobs

Support for Independent, Freelance and Gig Economy Workers

Racial Equity ∙ Cash Relief

Universal Access to Financial Services

Economy ∙ Jobs

Single City Permit App Challenge


Healing the Homelessness Crisis


Build More Deeply Affordable Housing Without Delay

Transportation ∙ COVID Recovery

Funding Open Streets to be a Permanent, More Equitable Program

Jobs ∙ COVID Recovery

A Performing Arts Revival: Bringing Back our Arts, Cultural and Entertainment Sectors

Public Health

Sexual Health and Reproductive Justice

Public Health

Addressing the Lasting Medical Effects of COVID-19

Environment ∙ Jobs

Building Our Way into the 21st Century


Cleaning up the Placard Abuse Mess

Racial Equity ∙ Public Health ∙ COVID Recovery

Andrew Yang's Plan to Ensure Food Equity


Expanding SYEP and Year-Round Employment for New York City Youth

Racial Equity ∙ Cash Relief

Reforming Remittances to Save Money When Sending Money


Addressing Climate Change and Building a Resilient NYC

Public Health

Treating Opioid Addiction Like the Public Health Crisis It Is

Environment ∙ Public Health ∙ Racial Equity

Parks and Open Space: the Future of Equitable and Sustainable NYC Living

Economy ∙ COVID Recovery ∙ Jobs

It’s Time to Bring Bars, Restaurants and Hospitality Venues Back to Life

Environment ∙ Public Health ∙ Jobs

Safeguarding New York’s Water Supply

Budget ∙ COVID Recovery

Raising Revenue for New York City

Racial Equity ∙ Housing ∙ Education ∙ Jobs

Supporting our Latino Communities | Apoyando a Nuestras Comunidades Latinas