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May 7th, 2021

Week in Review 5/7/21


Andrew Yang gets backing from national PAC in NYC mayor race

Yang's national profile has made him a front-runner in a crowded mayoral field, which could give the city's AAPI population — an estimated 15 percent of residents — representation at the highest level of City Hall for the first time. The endorsement comes at the onset of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and during a rise in anti-Asian hate crimes.

Andrew Yang Receives Schnipper's Endorsement

Andrew received the endorsement of the owners of Schnipper’s, a restaurant in the NYT building.

New York Daily News

Bronx Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson endorses Andrew Yang for NYC mayor

“Yang has the bold and creative ideas we need to get our city back on track and ensure that the Bronx is not left behind in the city’s economic recovery,” Gibson said in a statement.

She also echoed praise from fellow Bronx lawmaker Ritchie Torres, one of the first to back Yang in the mayoral race.

“[Yang] is not beholden to anyone but New Yorkers and has proven he is willing to do what is necessary to rebuild our city,” Gibson stated. “I will surely bring priorities from the Bronx directly to him in City Hall, and through a strong partnership we will uplift Bronx working families and essential workers.”

New York Post

Here's why Andrew Yang want's to hike taxes on vacant NYC land by 500%

Commercial vacant land is currently valued and taxed at under 20 percent of its market value. Yang wants to change that and instead tax the properties based on their sales prices. He says the plan would generate $900 million in city property tax revenue.

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What makes Andrew Yang appealing to New Yorkers?

Capitalizing on the name recognition he enjoys from his presidential bid, Yang is selling his personal story through Instagram and other social media platforms to connect with voters. From his upbringing as an Asian American in the suburbs of New York, where he was bullied as a child, to his passion for what the city can be even after being ravaged by Covid-19, his biographical-centered approach is working, at least for now. His social media posts are filled with him enjoying the life of the city, drinking boba tea, strolling through Coney Island and elbow bumping supporters. Don't tell Yang that this city has no heart, to paraphrase the Grateful Dead, because — he appears to be conveying — he can hear it beat out loud.


Yang Makes First TV Ad Purchase as NYC Mayor’s Race Tightens

The $1.5 million buy features a 30-second commercial titled “Hope Is on the Way” that shows Yang, the entrepreneur and former presidential candidate, mingling with New Yorkers in Coney Island and other neighborhoods. A newcomer to city politics, he says: “We need new leadership, we need new ideas.”

Daily News

Andrew Yang, focusing on water, burnishes hard-hat platform 

Andrew Yang presented himself as a Mr. Fix-It mayoral candidate on Monday, promising to fast-track the completion of a vital water tunnel and to safeguard the city’s decaying water infrastructure.

Rising Q's Why Union Members Gravitate to Andrew Yang


Yang snags endorsements from Chinese American businesses and organizations

Before endorsing Yang outside Hwa Yuan at 42 East Broadway, officials from the Chang Le America Association, the Fujian Foundation in USA, and the United Overseas Fujianese Association of America walked their pick for mayor around the East Broadway Mall, which is now a barren collection of empty storefronts. 

City Limits

Policy Shop: Billions for Housing, A Citywide Swipe and Childcare for All

Andrew Yang’s housing plan combines large financial and unit commitments—$4 billion in spending a year and 250,000 units produced over eight years—with dramatic changes to the way the city currently makes decisions about what to build and where.

Andrew Yang Unleashes on De Blasio at Campaign Event


Actor John Leguízamo apoya en video a Andrew Yang

Estas on las palabras del actor John Leguizamo para apoyar a Andrew Yang, candidato a la alcaldía de Nueva York en las elecciones primarias del próximo martes 22 de enero:

“Si alguien tiene el cerebro, la energía y la empatía para traer de vuelta a Nueva York, ese es Andrew Yang. Tiene ideas reales para sacar a nuestras comunidades de la pobreza, hacer que la gente vuelva a trabajar, volver a encender las luces de Broadway y revivir la industria del entretenimiento.“


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