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April 9th, 2021

Week in Review 4/9/21

Politico [4/4]

Andrew Yang’s Asian American Superpower  

Yang’s campaign nevertheless catapulted him into a rare status matched only by basketball star Jeremy Lin and "The Walking Dead" actor Steven Yeun: an Asian American male celebrity known for some tangible thing other than being Asian American. He’d become recognized on the street by fans as he went grocery shopping, he’d taken hundreds of photos at campaigns with Asian American children, whose parents would then tell them: “See? You can do anything.” “I was a bit surprised [by] how many Asian Americans said to me, I never thought that someone who looked like me would ever be able to run for president and be taken seriously.”

Andrew's Politico Article

Streetsblog [4/4]

Yang Calls for Permanent Open Streets Program with City Funding 

“I’m for fully funding open streets,” Yang said during a visit to the Vanderbilt Avenue open street on Saturday. “At this point it’s such a vital part of the city that the city should be providing financing.”

NY Post [4/5]

Andrew Yang asks New Yorkers to step up if they see hate crimes in progress

Before hopping on the uptown Broadway train, Yang held a press conference in front of the Canal Street station with more than a dozen other Asian American office seekers, where he asked New Yorkers to do more to confront the violence.

“If you are on the street or in a subway and you see something amiss, take it upon yourself to act,” Yang said. “I’ve been in this situation and it’s not an easy thing. But I promise you that if you do decide to take action, the people around you will follow suit.”

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People [4/6]

Evelyn Yang Shares Her Story of Childhood Sexual Abuse: ‘We Need to Be Normalizing These conversations’

"We need to be normalizing these conversations around sexual abuse at a much earlier age," Yang, 39, said on Good Morning America on Monday. "We're taught how to cross the street safely, how to say no to drugs, what to do in the event of a house fire — statistically, children are more likely to be sexually abused than to be in a house fire, yet we don't talk about it until it happens."

Gothamist [4/6]

At The Request of Andrew Yang, “Vax Daddy” Takes The Public Stage In Washington Heights 

Since creating TurboVax, hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers have credited Ma for helping them find vaccine appointments. On Tuesday, the New Yorker made his first public remarks at the invitation of Bronx Congressman Ritchie Torres and mayoral candidate Andrew Yang. The event was politically staged by Yang's campaign, for which Torres serves as the co-chair.

Andrew on the Street

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Playbill [4/6]

Andrew Yang’s NYC Arts Revival Proposal Includes Large-Scale Ticket Sales to Private Sector, Personal Seat Licenses, More Streaming

Among the entrepreneur-turned-politician’s pitches is a program inspired by revitalization efforts following 9/11. Yang says his administration would negotiate the purchasing of “hundreds of thousands of tickets” to Broadway shows, using both government funds and agreements with private corporations like J.P. Morgan and Big Four accounting firms. The majority of those tickets would then go to non-profits and local businesses to distribute.

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The Atlantic [4/7]

What if Andrew Yang Wins?

Over several conversations, Yang and I talk through his plan to build a kind of city-state with a pro-business orientation, agile social services, and excellent physical infrastructure. Sort of like the Fiorello La Guardia administration, remade for our late-capitalist age. 

Yang Atlantic article

Daily News [4/7]

Andrew Yang accepts NYC mayoral endorsement from moderate New Era Democrats

New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang was endorsed Wednesday by the New Era Democrats, a moderate outer-borough political group with a history of supporting winning candidates from both parties.

Schneps Connect: (Podcast) [4/7]

The Race for Mayor with Andrew Yang

Hear Yang talk about Universal Income for certain residents of the City, the current state of Anti-Asian sentiment, the City’s affordable housing supply and expanding healthcare coverage to people who are currently uninsured.

Andrew at Citi Field

Don’t Ask Tig: (Podcast) [4/7]

Andrew Yang 

Andrew Yang looks back on his 2020 presidential bid and looks forward to his bid for mayor of New York City. Andrew also helps Tig advise listeners on setting boundaries if you’re an introvert, and how to gently let someone know that they’ve been calling you by the wrong name for a really long time.


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