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April 30th, 2021

Week in Review 4/30/21


Andrew Yang set to announce sweeping $4B plan for affordable housing “A rezoning of a neighborhood to build denser, new types of housing runs into a bureaucratic gauntlet that favors the loudest voices in a room, not necessarily the most sensible,” Yang is set to say. "Years of work would often end with inertia.” Michelle Kuppersmith of Open New York, a group that advocates for more housing and lower rents, told NY1 she’s encouraged by the scope of Yang’s proposal. She added, “Andrew Yang’s support for ending parking minimums requires significant courage. People in this city love their cars and it’s definitely a tough call to make for affordability and it’s a fairly bold stance for a candidate to come out and say we need housing for people rather than cars.”

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Andrew Yang's Speech on Affordable Housing

The full speech can be viewed here.

New York Post

Andrew Yang urges state to lift rules stifling eateries recovery from COVID Mayoral candidate Andrew Yang wants the Big Apple to become the nightlife capital again. Yang on Tuesday said the state government should lift overly restrictive rules that are blocking the reopening of bars and eateries — hindering the city’s economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

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Andrew Yang At The Mermaid Inn


When it comes to political ideology, Andrew Yang doesn't fit one mold Which lane is Andrew Yang occupying in the race for mayor? He doesn't know. And he's not worried about it. “We want to humanize government. We want our government working for us, the people," he told NY1. "How does that get categorized in our current political ideologies? I’m not sure. But I know that New Yorkers want the exact same thing.”

The City

De Blasio’s ‘Recovery Moment’ Budget Could Leave Next Mayor Broke At least one other mayoral candidate took aim at the deficits. “Just a few weeks ago I stood in front of City Hall and called on the mayor to preserve more federal funding for the next administration,” said Andrew Yang in a statement. “Our city is facing a yearslong recovery and we should be making decisions now to account for that.”


Yang puts stalled ‘QueensWay’ rail-to-trails project at center of public park platform For decades, Queens residents have been debating what to do with the deactivated Rockaway Beach Branch of the Long Island Rail Road — a 3.2 mile former train line that nature has taken over since the last train ran on its tracks back in 1962.On Monday, mayoral candidate Andrew Yang stood on top of the rusting remnants cutting through the overgrowth adjacent to Forest Park and pledged his support for the “QueensWay,” a plan to convert the Rockaway Beach branch into a linear park similar to that of Manhattan’s High Line.

Andrew announces QueensWay line plan


Andrew Yang Vows to Better Tackle Anti-Asian Violence in NYC Andrew Yang, the front-runner in the race for New York City mayor, said he would funnel more resources to organizations supporting Asian Americans and encourage political activism to tackle rising violence against the group. “It’s been a devastating time for our community,” Yang, who if elected would become the first Asian American to hold the office, said at a virtual forum Tuesday evening. “I’m going to do everything I can to help the Asian American community get back on our feet.


United Orthodox voting bloc in Borough Park endorses Andrew Yang for mayor Leading Hasidic sects in Brooklyn’s Borough Park neighborhood have endorsed Andrew Yang in New York City’s mayoral race, locking up a major voting bloc for the former Democratic presidential candidate as he tries to build a coalition that could propel him to City Hall.

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Andrew on ESPN

Andrew went on ESPN to talk about Knick and Nets.


How a major election reform is upending the race for New York City's next mayor “This is one of the most dramatic transformations of a municipal political system in American history,” Evan Roth Smith, a New York pollster who is working for candidate Andrew Yang, told Yahoo News.


Andrew Yang's complicated Knicks history, explained

How big a fan was he, really?

Anyone dropping Big Snacks references must have been plugged in at some point.

Financial Times

Andrew Yang charms business in push to be New York City’s mayor New York’s power brokers did not know quite what to expect when Andrew Yang joined them by Zoom on a recent morning to audition for the city’s top job. An hour later, many were quietly impressed. For starters, the mayoral candidate addressed the crowd from an empty Midtown office building — a recognition of the urgent need to bring workers back to the city. 


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