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April 25th, 2021

Week in Review 4/25/21

New York Times

Andrew Yang Wins Endorsement from Left-Wing Rival Mr. Menchaca said in an interview that he was drawn to Mr. Yang because of the candidate’s support for universal basic income — even though Mr. Yang’s plan for New York involves a pared-down model — and his proposal to create a public bank to serve low-income and undocumented residents who do not have a bank account.

Andrew Yang and Carlos Menchaca


NYC Mayor's Race: Yang fires back after shock jocks make light of Asian hate crimes Andrew Yang, the former presidential candidate who is considered one of the frontrunners for the Democratic nomination, promptly called a news conference after the comments on "Bernie & Sid in the Morning." "Making light of hate crimes against any group of New Yorkers is not something we should accept or condone," Yang said.

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Yang Tech Crunch Interview

Tech Crunch

An interview with Andrew Yang “I was for the union drive in the Amazon warehouse, because I think it would have created really positive pressure on Amazon to treat workers better in many different environments. I’m for really rethinking a lot of the things we’re doing right now, where if you look at top-line, Keynes predicted that by now we’d be so wealthy that we’d be working only 15 hours a week. And he was right about the top-line growth. We are as wealthy as he predicted, but our work weeks are getting longer, not shorter. And that’s having adverse consequences for people of every background, white collar, blue collar.”


Andrew Yang is hyped for NYCFC's home opener

Andrew at NYCFC's Home Opener

Daily News

Seconds: Andrew Yang did something important yesterday; other mayoral candidates should follow his example In a meeting with the Daily News editorial board yesterday, frontrunner Andrew Yang told us who he’s putting second on his rank-choice primary ballot. It’s a refreshing, important gesture that fellow candidates ought to follow in an election year when New York City voters, for the first time ever, are able to rank would-be mayors first to fifth rather than pick only one.

Andrew Yang on Dax Shepard's Podcast

Andrew was a guest on Armchair Expert, Dax Shepard’s leading podcast.


How Andrew Yang Would Run New York HW: You built and helped run a successful test-prep company here in New York. Can you talk about how you ran it, what kind of manager you are? Maybe give an example of a management challenge you faced and how you solved it? AY: My management style is to find the best people that I can and empower them, trust them, and give them room to run. People have to feel that sense of autonomy and agency to do their best work, I’ve found. I’m not a micromanager. I want people to be aligned on the vision and the values and have a good process, and if they do those things and the results aren’t perfect, that’s fine. And again, I think this is exactly the approach that New Yorkers have been waiting for in our city’s government.

Andrew Yang and Assemblyman Burgos

Daily News

Yang gets the nod for NYC mayor by Assemblyman Burgos of the Bronx Yang and Burgos set a goal of ensuring 175,000 job opportunities annually through the summer program within four years. Prior to the pandemic, the nearly six-decade-old program supported roughly 75,000 jobs each year. “I can’t wait to work with Mayor Andrew Yang to make this ambitious vision for a better city a reality,” Burgos said in a statement. “We need a clean break from the old, dysfunctional bureaucratic systems of the past, and that’s what Andrew embodies.”

Andrew Yang on Earth Day

Andrew spent Earth Day releasing his renewables plan and cleaning up a park with his staff.

Daily News

Mayoral frontrunner Andrew Yang outlines plan to battle the opioid crisis in NYC Andrew Yang set his focus Friday on the battle with the opioid crisis, promising an approach that would expand access to addiction prevention centers and reduce prosecution of some drug-related offenses.   Yang joined service providers in Staten Island for a discussion on opioid addiction before outlining his proposals, which target a drug scourge that has worsened locally and nationally during the coronavirus crisis.

Washington Post

Andrew Yang explains his infamous dog tweet — and why he uses Twitter like the rest of us The whole affair left Yang “mystified,” he said. “It never occurred to me that someone would somehow attack me for posting a picture of my dog that we had to give away. I love Grizzly,” Yang told The Washington Post. “But, you know, you just shrug it off and say that’s social media sometimes.” What, you may be thinking, does Grizz the pup have to do with serving as mayor of New York City? The answer, of course, is almost nothing.

Andrew on the Subway

Business Insider

'You had a good time there but come on back': Andrew Yang wants New Yorkers who fled to 'boring' Florida to return Yang said that he would stress school reopenings and the city's enduring cultural appeal in convincing former residents to return to the city. "I'm going to be calling people, saying, 'Look, Florida's boring.' You had a good time there but come on back," he said during the interview. "And by the way, the schools are open. The shows are open. Your friends are here and you know, you can pay a premium as long as we can make the case that New York City is back."


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