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April 17th, 2021

Week in Review 4/17/21

New York Magazine

The Voters Propelling Andrew Yang’s Lead

[S]upporters and less-invested observers said there’s more to Yang’s persistent polling advantage than his elevated profile. “Andrew thinks about problems in a way that addresses the root cause of the issue,” said Ramona Ferreyra, a 40-year-old Bronx community organizer and public-housing resident who received $1,000 in pandemic relief from Yang’s Humanity Forward foundation. “He’s able to do that because he’s not political.”


Yes, Andrew Yang could be New York City's next mayor In a year of death, drudgery and economic destruction, Yang, a tech entrepreneur whose moonshot 2020 presidential primary bid amassed more goodwill than votes, has distinguished himself from the pack with an uncomplicated message: He wants to make New York fun again.

Andrew and supporters

Andrew toured Jackson Heights and released his long-haulers policy

Daily News

Andrew Yang promises to crack down on parking placard abuse if elected NYC mayor Mayoral candidate Andrew Yang is backing a proposal to reward New Yorkers who report abuse of city-issued parking placards, among other steps aimed at ending placard abuse for good — a long-standing cause of transportation reform advocates. Yang said he supports a stalled City Council bill that would give New Yorkers a 25% cut of fines when they report illegal parking in bike lanes, bus lanes and other nooks, even if the driver has a city-issued placard.

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Free Money for New Yorkers? California Experiment Suggests It Could Help "He will target New York’s 500,000 poorest residents, giving them $2,000 per year, regardless of immigration status, in an effort to alleviate homelessness and poverty. His plan would make New York the largest city to implement a basic income program. Results from a smaller experiment in California suggest it could work."

Andrew on Sophia Bush's Podcast

Andrew on Sophia Bush's podcast.


Yang widens his lead in latest public poll as PAC forms to boost his candidacy

A survey conducted by Data For Progress, a national think tank, found 26 percent of voters are supporting Yang’s candidacy — double the 13 percent who said they would support Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.

Andrew joined a groundbreaking for a new battery storage facility in Brooklyn.


Andrew Yang Gets $3.7 Million in NYC Election Public Matching Funds Former U.S. presidential hopeful Andrew Yang collected $3.7 million in matching funds from New York City’s campaign finance board, in an installment distributed today. That’s the most among Democratic mayoral contenders, as he benefits from an influx of small contributions.

Tweet of JFK Dems endorsement of Andrew Yang

New York Post

Andrew Yang tearfully explains giving away his dog Grizzly The mayoral wannabe teared up on Monday while describing what he called a “difficult” decision to give away Grizz to a friend after his allergic son had a respiratory attack.

Andrew and the kids

The Week

Is Andrew Yang just what New York needs?

Yang didn't become famous by starring in movies or on reality television, nor is he billionaire with his own media network like New York's last outsider mayor. Yang made a name for himself primarily by doing exactly what he's doing right now: running for office. And that campaign was built on the idea that Yang is a different kind of radical, and a different kind of centrist — someone willing to contemplate large changes to the way we operate without identifying enemies or dividing the populace into camps.


Confidence Interval: Will Andrew Yang Be The Next Mayor Of New York City?

Yang being discussed on 538

New York Times

Coney Island Is Just What the Doctor Ordered On the boardwalk, people stroll with surgical masks and hopeful eyes. Teenagers cut virtual school and ride the bumper cars. Mayoral candidates campaign. Andrew Yang holds a news conference. Kathryn Garcia hops on the Wonder Wheel. Brad Lander, a Brooklyn city councilman running for New York City comptroller, greets voters.


How a former entrepreneur has become the candidate to beat

After watching the 2008 financial crisis unfold, Yang started Venture for America, a nonprofit fellowship that sought to curb brain drain by training the next generation of entrepreneurs to launch startups in smaller cities across America. But as he learned more about the ways internet technology and automation were disrupting the economy, Yang began a crusade—one that initially appeared quixotic to the national media—of promoting new ideas and unconventional policies to combat the threat of automation and permanent displacement in the workforce.

Gizmodo headline


Andrew Yang Hath Wrought Havoc on My Email

He hates it when people take advantage of free parking. He got VAXXED on April 10th. This week, he received an endorsement from the John F. Kennedy Regular Democratic Club (I hadn’t heard of them either), and, as of yesterday, received OVER $3.7 MILLION IN MATCHING FUNDS


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