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March 28th, 2021

Week in Review 3/28/21

City & State [3/23]

Andrew Yang is more than New York City’s “tech candidate”

In interviews with over a dozen of Yang’s former coworkers, business partners and fellows at his nonprofit, Venture for America, nearly all praised Yang’s plainspokenness, self-deprecating humor and impassioned talk about creating a better future.

Daily News [3/23]

It’s official: Andrew Yang drops off petition signatures to get on NYC mayoral ballot

The “Yang Gang” descended on the city Board of Election office on Tuesday, cheering on their hero as he dropped off signatures to get on the mayoral primary ballot. You can watch him sing about the petitions here.

Andrew Submits Signatures

Politico [3/24]

Yang continues to dominate the field with 3 months to mayoral primary

Andrew Yang remains the frontrunner in the crowded Democratic field for mayor, dominating a race he entered in January and with near-universal name recognition. His steady lead, demonstrated in two new polls, comes as opponents mount attacks on him and consider when to run negative advertisements about his candidacy.

NY Mag [3/24]

‘Yang is Driving the Race Right Now’

Yang entered the race for mayor two and a half months ago. Few political insiders thought he would last. Conventional wisdom had him getting eaten up by the press corps after showing how little he knew about New York City and its government, failing to impress the union bosses and political leaders who yield power in this town, and probably getting bored along the way. The first poll of the race was in the field more than a month before Yang got in the race; he led that one. The same conventional wisdom tended to discount this as a short-lived state of affairs, based purely on his fame as a presidential candidate. But he has continued to lead in every other poll since, often by a fairly sizable margin. He raised over $6.5 million in just 57 days, with more New York City donors than any other candidate, even those that have been raising money for years. There are now less than three months until Election Day. Which raises the question: If Yang is going to be stopped from becoming the 110th mayor of New York, what is going to stop him?

Andrew Yang on this moment: ‘I do believe this is leading to a political awakening for Asian Americans’ [MSNBC]

Daily News [3/26]

Andrew Yang bashes Georgia voting law, touts ranked-choice

New York City mayoral hopeful Andrew Yang on Friday said a restrictive voting law passed in Georgia highlights the need to protect democracy as he touted New York’s ranked-choice system.

Yang, who campaigned in the Georgia runoff elections captured by Sens. Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, said in the statement that he witnessed “what democracy looks like” in the Peach State.

“Here in New York, there has long been a struggle to expand access to the ballot box,” Yang said in his statement. “While some have pushed back on the new law, I’m proud to be running in the first mayoral election with ranked-choice voting.”

Andrew also held a press conference on NYC’s trash problem.


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